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Meursault - Les Charmes..... Chambertin Clos des Beze.....


Tonight we had the pleasure of dining out with Dr. Everett Bandman, who participated in a scientific conference in Israel.
Everett, Dorit and myself went out for a very nice dinner in a very good yet cosy restaurants. The only complaint I have is that the dishes were _HUGE_. Really, more than anyone could handle.
We started with shrimp & mushrooms, Antias (a fish) carpaccio, a huge pot of fish & seafood soup. Then came a big portion of goose liver in raspberries sauce. Then a refreshing sorbet to cleanse the palate. Then: a quail in sweat & sour sauce, a prime-rib in Bordolaise sauce, medallions of beef filet in honey and red-wine, topped with goose liver. Then creme brulee, almonds parfait, tea and coffee.
We brought the wines...

Meursault - Les Charmes 1990 Michelot-Buisson

3/96. Acquired from England Nov-95 for $41 (imported for $55 net).
An excellent 1er Cru from an up and coming winemaker.
COLOR: Normal medium-full yellow.
NOSE: Excellent strong clean bouquet. Apples, hazelnuts, minerals and even something that reminded me of jasmine. Prominent, though unobstructive wood is also there.
TASTE: Rich buttery flavors, excellent concentration, good fruit, refreshing acidity. Delicious and mouthfilling.
LENGTH: Medium long very pleasant aftertaste,
TEXTURE & BALANCE: Full bodied, heavy-duty, extremely viscous. Good fruit, excellent acidity. My only reservation - a bit too much oak.
OVERALL: A superb Meursault! This wine is so rich both in texture and in taste, it feels almost like food rather than drink.
MARK: 18/20.aaaaaaaaBUY MORE? Yes.

Chambertin Clos de Beze 1983 J. Faiveley

3/96. Bought in auction Dec-95 for $110 (imported from Chicago for $120 net).
I have tasted 1983 Faiveley (Mazis Chambertin) before, and I have tasted 1983 Clos de Beze (A. Rousseau) before. Both were extraordinary, so I was looking forward to this specific combination.
COLOR: The wine was decanted about ten minutes before we got to it. Both in the (transparent) decanter and in the glass the wine looked pretty dark red, but the dim lights of the restaurant prevented accurate assessment.
NOSE: The familiar superb aroma of a mature great (B). Mature red fruit, wrapped in the leathery damp forest notion of the 'Bourgogne Nose'.
TASTE: Some sweetish prunes flavor, but frankly not enough concentration as befitting a great mature (B). Totally mature and homogeneous on the palate with no apparent tannins left. Still very tasty, but expected more.
LENGTH: Surprisingly short-lived, yet agreeable aftertaste.
TEXTURE & BALANCE: Medium bodied, reasonable fruit, good structure, but lacks somewhat in 'wininess'. A bit dried out I'm afraid.
OVERALL: Excellent wine that surely saw some better days. Drink now.
MARK: 17+/20.aaaaaaaaBUY MORE? No.

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