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Pouilly Fuisse - Hors Classe..... Corton, Ch. Grancey.....


"Second Holiday" of Pesach. Traditional family dinner to end the seven days of excessive eating...

Gefilte Fish
Chopped Liver
Pickled Radish
Chicken Soup with Kneidlach
Young lamb stew with apples, prunes, saffron, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon & honey
Chicken marinated in sour cream
Fresh Fruit Salad

Pouilly-Fuisse 'Hors Classe' 1993 Dom. Ferret

4/97. Acquired at local auction Mar-97 for $31 net.
My first taste of this famous Pouilly-Fuisse domaine. Did not expected much concentration as 1993 was not particularly good vintage for white (B) (as opposed to red).
COLOR: Palish straw-yellow. Not particularly impressive color.
NOSE: Deep and concentrated! Apples, pears, minerals and toasted almonds. Rich, Meursault-like aromas that are strong enough to withstand the abundance of oak that is pretty dominant.
TASTE: Mouth-filling fat and rich, with touch of honey near the finish. Again, I could have easily mistaken this wine for a 1er Cru Meursault. Funny effect of Gefilte-Fish on white (B): Sipped on its own, the wine finished with sweetish tones. Drank with the fish it ended pretty bitter!...
LENGTH: Short aftertaste that is affected by the food the wine accompanied. Very good with the soup, reasonable with the chopped liver, really bad with the Gefilte-Fish.
TEXTURE & BALANCE: Full-bodied fat and viscous. Surprisingly concentrated for the vintage. A tiny bit overoaked for perfect balance, but otherwise superbly structured.
OVERALL: Excellent+! On par if not better than many Cote d'Or 1er Cru.
MARK: 17+/20.aaaaaaaaBUY MORE? Yes.

Corton, Chateau Grancey 1989 L. Latour

4/97. Acquired from Beaune Dec-94 for $26 (imported for $34 net).
COLOR: Medium-light red, noticeable clearing towards the rim.
NOSE: Beautifully developed primary and secondary aromas. Deep red fruit, delicate yet elegant 'Bourgogne Nose' - all combine to create complex and enticing bouquet.
TASTE: Charmingly tasty, full of cheerful red fruit. Multiple flavors, strong grip, rich and mouthfilling. Superbly accompanied the ultra rich lamb stew.
LENGTH: Medium-long pleasant aftertaste.
TEXTURE & BALANCE: Full-bodied and very well structured. Good fruit, plenty of 'winyness', refreshing acidity and soft tannins. Wholesome wine!
OVERALL: Superb! I am rarely impressed by Latour red-wine efforts. This however is a wonderful wine that is at its peak now. Probably one of the best-value '89 (B) one can get his hands on
MARK: 18/20.aaaaaaaaBUY MORE? Yes.

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